Furniture Bank Network

Your Sustainable
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Why choose the furniture bank network

At the Furniture Bank Network, we invite furniture and home goods retailers to join hands in creating a more sustainable future. Partnering with us offers a unique opportunity to contribute to a collective impact, making a difference in communities across Canada and the US.

Here’s why collaborating with us is the right choice: 

One-Stop Sustainability Solution

  • We provide comprehensive services, including decommissioning, liquidation, furniture removal, reverse logistics, and retail checkout donations. 
  • Simplify your sustainability initiatives by relying on our proven expertise and extensive network. 

Scale and Expertise

  • Benefit from our large-scale operations, allowing you to make a significant impact with your sustainability efforts. 
  • Tap into our years of experience in the non-profit sector, ensuring a seamless and impactful partnership. 

Streamlined Collaboration

  • Experience hassle-free collaborations with furniture banks across the network, ensuring your donations reach those in need efficiently. 
  • Connect with a dedicated point of contact for streamlined communication and coordination. 

Showcase Your Impact

  • Gain recognition for your sustainability initiatives through our network’s platform, featuring successful case studies and impactful projects with national retailers. 
  • Receive comprehensive ESG and impact reporting, showcasing the tangible difference your contributions make. 

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Ready to lead the way in sustainable retailing?

Partner with the Furniture Bank network and position your brand as a pioneer in the transformative movement within the furniture and home goods industry. Together, let’s craft a legacy of lasting change, building stronger, more sustainable communities.