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North America has hundreds of reuse organizations – accepting inkind donations to redirect them into the hands and homes of families in need.  If you are one of those organizationsm and you aren’t a member of the Furniture Bank Community please consider joining!

Why Furniture Matters 

“Because I was leaving a hostile environment and the hostility towards me continued after the separation, having furniture wasn’t just a luxury, it was a necessity. I had to prove that I had a home that was suitable for my child and her well being. I needed furniture – and the Furniture Bank – so that I would be able to have a bed for my child and a dresser drawer to store her clothes.”

Sandra, a former Furniture Bank client

T“I was physically removed from my house – I couldn’t believe it. My son was with me at the time. Luckily for her, my daughter was at a sleepover. We were locked out of the house and couldn’t get anything inside: furniture, housewares, clothing and valuables, nothing! Furniture Bank’s furniture donors made our empty house a home, something I couldn’t afford to do on my own. It helped bring my family back together.”

Martin Train, a former Furniture Bank client

“I was grateful to receive priority housing. Even though my place is bright and airy, the nights were tough. Sleeping on the floor was painful. Without anything in my apartment, every little noise was amplified. I have multiple locks on all of my doors. But, the noises at night still jarred. Those blank white walls are black once the sun goes down. I continued to have nightmares.”
Lucinda, a former Furniture Bank client