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Furniture Bank
Support Services

Setting up and managing a furniture banking program comes with numerous challenges. Furniture Bank Support Services (FBSS) is an innovative solution designed to streamline these complexities, allowing furniture banks to thrive in their mission while efficiently managing resources. 

benefits of joining fbss

What you'll receive

Connectivity & Branded Portal

〉Connectivity to our secure and data-protected IT infrastructure that your charity will run on.

〉Receive a personalized online portal for seamless agency connections, reflecting your unique brand.


Access and coordinate your agencies, referral cases, and in-kind donations with the power of Salesforce.

〉Keep track of donated items and generate insightful reports seamlessly. 


Operate your social-enterprise-led furniture removal service with our support, including best practices and marketing assistance. 

Collaboration to secure retailer returns, ensuring a consistent supply for your  community.

A Community of
Reuse Charities

Over 250 organizations around North America, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.  

Comprehensive Training Tools

Access online resources for staff and volunteers to learn tools and processes effectively. 

〉Explore a hub for educational materials, resources, and best practices. 

5 key reasons to join


FBSS ensures low-cost operations with revenue potential, offering a cost-neutral model with fees recovered from social enterprise sales or collaborative grant fundraising.

Efficiency &
Mission Focus

Experience enhanced efficiency with user-friendly technology that organizes tasks and provides clear reports, allowing your team to stay focused on community-centric objectives.

& Networking

FBSS facilitates strategic collaborations with a dedicated social enterprise sales team, strategic corporate partnerships, and networking within the expansive Furniture Bank Network (FBN)

Decades of Expertise & Flexibility

Benefit from over 40 years of tangible experience, scalable operations, and flexible add-on service modules to meet the unique needs of your furniture bank.

Impact Measurement & Improvements

Utilize FBSS’s Social Impact Reporting, benchmarking capabilities, and real-time on-demand reporting for comprehensive impact measurement and continuous improvement.

step-by-step process

How to join the FBSS

Sign the FBSS Service Agreement

Commit to the collaborative journey by signing a standard service agreement with us.

Provide Information about your charity

Share key details about your organization, such as user access preferences, agency referrals, service area, and standard operating procedures.

Technical Set-Up

Sit back and relax while we handle the set-up of your new portal, systems, and infrastructure.

Do the Self Training Modules

Once your agencies, users, and access are set up, start using the comprehensive tools provided by FBSS. Dive in with the self-training guides and make the platform work for all aspects of your furniture bank operations.

Stay Connected

Benefit from a dedicated Community Manager who understands your charity, FBSS, the nuances of a successful furniture banking program, and will provide you with guidance and support throughout the onboarding process.


“Being on the FBSS has helped our furniture bank to scale up our operations. It gives our team a streamlined process to work with, from acquiring furniture donations to maintaining inventory. The accessibility of FBSS give us the ability to operate more efficiently and at an overall higher capacity. The end result is more homes furnished in our community."


Ready to transform the way you run your reuse charity?