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The Feather House Foundation

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The Feather House Foundation operates with a singular mission: to change lives, one home at a time. Founded as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in Alameda County, California, it is committed to providing essential household furnishings and items to young adults emancipating from foster care.

  • Mission: The Foundation's primary goal is to ease the transition into independent living for these resilient individuals, offering support and stability during this critical time.
  • Services: The Foundation sources, stores, and distributes donated furniture, bedding, and towels to those in need. Each item provided carries significance beyond its physical form, symbolizing stability and dignity for recipients.
  • Process: Referring agencies can easily connect with the Foundation to arrange pickups or deliveries, ensuring seamless access to essential items for emancipated foster youth.
  • Impact: Success is measured by the tangible impact on lives, as evidenced by the empowerment of young adults to take control of their futures. With every bed made, every table set, and every room furnished, the Foundation makes a meaningful difference.

Join The Feather House Foundation in their mission to transform empty spaces into warm, welcoming homes. Your support enables them to continue providing the feathers that help these young adults soar.


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1516 Oak St. Ste 107, Alameda, CA
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