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Open to Furniture Reuse Organizations

The Furniture Bank Network (FBN) is not just a resource for those looking for Furniture Banks but for Furniture Banks and related organizations!  Becoming a member allows you to be part of the growing Furniture Bank movement across North America.

Need Furniture?

Membership is for organizations. If you need furniture please contact your local furniture bank organization to arrange an appointment.



The Furniture Bank Network (FBN) is a community collaboration network.

What THE FBN Provides

  • Invitations to regional meetups of like minded organizations for sharing and collaboration days. 
  • Invitations to participate in online forum/ library dedicated to furniture poverty and reuse organizations. 
  • Access to the library of resources – as provided by community members. This will include research, media, templates and other tools for your own organization.  
  • Directory of furniture banks, their staff and contact information.

What the fbn isn't

The Furniture Bank Network (FBN) is NOT a separate non-profit entity.  We have found the resource constraints to fund and operate it separately are too complex and costly at this time. 

Membership is not for the general public – membership is for furniture reuse organizations – focused on poverty alleviation in their communities. 

join the network

If you are a furniture bank or like minded furniture reuse poverty alleviation organization that would benefit from membership we want to hear from you.  This is a grass roots collaboration network built by the involvement of its members.  

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