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For Furniture Reuse Charities & Nonprofits.

Join the Furniture Bank Network to be part of the growing Furniture Bank movement across North Amercia.

Together we are stronger​

Learn, collaborate, and get inspired by other Furniture Banks just like you. Our goal is to create a Furniture Bank support service that supports a national low-cost setup and support network for poverty / reuse social enterprises in communities across Canada.


Benefit from the collective knowledge of seasoned Furniture Bankers as you grow your organization. Members range from seasoned veterans to those just starting their journey. There will likely be someone who has experienced some of your pain points and is willing to share their wisdom and knowledge, or those who just want to offer advice and ideas.


Join a community of like-minded individuals that are all on the same mission as yourself. This is a grassroots collaboration network built by the involvement of its members.

You will be able to:

Over 50 member organizations

Become a charity member and join the movement.

Join a furniture poverty reuse organization that wants to join a ‘community’ of like-minded people. Members of the FBN will have access to our Furniture Bank Network map listing, access to our amazing community, and access to some of our training courses. Becoming a member is easy, we have over 40+ members in Canada and growing.

  • FBN Map listing

  • Community access

  • Limited resources

  • Access to FBN member branding

What the FBN isn't

The Furniture Bank Network (FBN) is NOT a separate non-profit entity.  We have found the resource constraints to fund and operate it separately are too complex and costly at this time. The FBN is sponsored by Furniture Link who provides the resources to maintain the digital community.

Membership is not for the general public – membership is for furniture reuse organizations – focused on poverty alleviation in their communities.

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Open to Furniture Reuse Charity Organizations ONLY

The Furniture Bank Network (FBN) is not just a resource for those looking for Furniture Banks but for Furniture Banks and related organizations!  Becoming a member allows you to be part of the growing Furniture Bank movement across North America.

Questions about the FBN?

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